CEMA's Mission & Tasks

CEMA - the voice of the European Agricultural Machinery Industry

Modern machine technology helps farmers to:

  • manage their farms efficiently
  • maximize harvest results
  • use inputs (water, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides) in a targeted & responsible way
  • nourish plants with the exact amounts of fertilizer needed
  • protect crops against damage via exact dosage & targeted application to maximize yield while protecting nature
  • take the right decisions by providing all necessary information in electronic/digital formats

The European producers of farm machines provide solutions for all of these challenges and for all types and sizes of farms.









Our Mission

...is to work towards a balanced legislative and regulatory framework in the EU that:

  • supports the competitiveness of the industry in Europe and
  • enables the industry to provide smart solutions to help farmers worldwide to grow food affordably and sustainably



  • act as the face & voice of the industry in Brussels and vis-à-vis international organisations (OECD, FAO, UNIDO)
  • identify & address the impact of EU regulation
  • develop common industry positions on relevant issues
  • promote a deeper understanding of the farm machinery industry among EU decision-makers, regulators & stakeholders
  • provide expertise & advice to EU Institutions

The European Agricultural Machinery Industry

  • Includes 4,500 manufacturers of agricultural equipment  consisting of large multinational as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • Has a total turnover of €26 billion and provides employment for 135,000 people directly in the sector and another 125,000 persons indirectly in the distribution and service network;
  • CEMA manufacturers produce 450 different types of machines ranging from tractors and combine harvesters to plant protection equipment and precision seed drills.