CEMA Technical Board (TB)

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The Technical Board (TB) brings together senior industry representatives and experts from national associations from across Europe in order to discuss and agree upon common European industry positions on all matters relating to technical regulation. 

Topics include:

  • EU type approval legislation for agricultural vehicles 
  • EU harmonised legislation on road circulation for non-road mobile machinery
  • Overlap EU type approval legislation and the Machinery Directive
  • OECD codes and the role of OECD
  • Alternative technical content from standards or UN ECE Regulations
  • Emissions legislation for non-road mobile machinery and tractors
  • European accident database related to agricultural machines and vehicles
  • Virtual testing
  • Access to Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI)
  • Reduce barriers due to technical legislation/ Optimize EU market for innovators
  • Whole Body Vibrations