CEMA Exhibition - “Smart equipment for sustainable agriculture”

The CEMA Exhibition, as shown in the European Parliament (14-18 October 2013): 


“Smart equipment for sustainable agriculture”

Precision Farming: producing more with less


This exhibition:

  • explains the role of innovative agricultural machinery technologies in helping to meet the global challenge of feeding the world in the run-up to 2050
  • presents  key Precision Farming concepts &  techniques applied during the 4 stages of the crop growth cycle: Soil Preparation, Seeding, Crop Management and Harvesting
  • showcases the benefits of Precision Farming techniques in terms of: greater sustainability, higher productivity, and practical advantages for the farmer.  


Dive into the fascinating world of Precision Farming and learn about the latest technology solutions by clicking on the links below where you will find all the information, data and visuals created for this unique event.