3. Precision Crop Management

During their growth phase plants need:
The right amount of nutrients - FERTILISATION
Adequate protection from pests and diseases - CROP PROTECTION / SPRAYING
The right amounts of water - IRRIGATION
In all three areas, precision farming solutions help farmers to produce more with less.
Key precision applications include:
For Precision Fertilising
  • Crop sensors
  • Automatic wind control
  • Optimised boundary spreading

--> Eliminate the risk of over and under-fertilisation (as growth and yield can fluctuate greatly within a field)

-->Help to produce a uniform growth rate


For Precision Spraying
  • Satellite steering systems (GPS)

-->​Help to reduce spraying by avoiding overlap areas


For Precision Irrigation
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)

​-->SDI provides the most effective management tool delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant roots at the precise time and in the precise quantity needed.