CEMApεdia: An Investment Plan for Europe

The European Commission has launched an Investment Plan of EUR 315 bn  to encourage investments  in Europe as well as to put forward economically viable projects in search of funding in the next three years.  

Due to the economic and financial crisis, the level of investment in Europe has dropped significantly in the last 6 years. As a consequence, economic growth, job creation and competitiveness are being hampered.The challenge is now to recover confidence on the economic environment providing risk-bearing capacity to encourage project promoters to investunlocking investment of the private sector and making an efficient use of public resources. This enormous task can be only achieved by setting up a clear regulatory framework and pulling efforts from regional, national public and European public. 

The Investment Plan will complement these efforts building up three main strands for investment:

- Mobilising EUR 315 bn of public-private resources over 2015-2017 to provide greater risk-bearing capacity to project promoters and attract private finance to viable investment projects. This will be done by establishing a new European Fund for Strategic Investments that will support long-term investments and access to risk financing for SMEs and mid-cap companies.

- Targeting initiatives to make sure this extra investment finance the needs of the real economy. A pipeline of investable projects of European significance has been established on the following areas: research and innovation, digital economy, energy efficiency, transport and infrastructures, resources and environment, SMEs and Mid-caps.

-  Removing financial barriers across Europe and reinforcing the Single Market by creating the optimal framework conditions for investment.

According to the European Commission's President, the ultimate objective of the Investment Plan "will be to strengthen Europe's competitiveness and to stimulate investment for the purpose of job creation."

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